STEPS research group presentations at EFS conference

In the framework of the 4th Energy for Sustainability (EFS) International Conference - held in Turin in these days - the STEPS research group has presented four works on ongoing activities and projects:

- Andrea Lanzini presented a work - developed in the framework of the ICO2CHEM project ( - entitled "Conversion of carbon dioxide and hydrogen to hard aliphatic waxes", developed in cooperation with Marco Marc and Emanuele Giglio;

- Giulio Buffo presented a work - based on his PhD studies - entitled "Energy performance of carbon capture with ionic liquids", developed in cooperation with ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI TECNOLOGIA and DISAT department;

- Massimo Santarelli presented a work on the DEMOSOFC project (, developed in cooperation with Marta Gandiglio and the entire project consortium;

- Massimo Santarelli presented a work on the REMOTE project (, developed in cooperation with Domenico Ferrero, Paolo Marocco and the entire project consortium.

Have a look at the conference website (…) for news and updates on the event!

Published on: 24/07/2019