The STEPS Group of Politecnico di Torino has over 25 years of research experience in the field of technologies and processes for hydrogen. 

Research activities are focused on:

  • modeling and characterization of new materials for catalysis
  • electrolysis from renewable sources at low and high temperatures
  • new processes for the production of green hydrogen (chemical looping, photocatalysis and biochemical approaches)
  • hydrogen mobility (hydrogen storage and refueling stations - HRS)
  • fuel cells at low and high temperatures (from single cell to industrial systems)
  • complete power-to-power systems
  • generation of synthetic chemicals in association with CO2 capture
  • H2-based powertrains for different means of transport (automotive, heavy duty, trains, aircraft-aerospace

In these areas, the activity develops from the level of testing and modeling to the creation of prototypes and technological demonstrators, with the aim of covering the entire value chain, from production to end uses.

In the hydrogen field, STEPS actively collaborates with major national and international companies in the development of innovative solutions.